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ONCE upon a time a Town Mouse met a Country Mouse on the outskirts of a wood. The Country Mouse was sitting under a hazel thicket plucking nuts. " Busy harvesting, I see," said the Town Mouse. " Who would think of our meeting in this out-of-the-way…

A town mouse met a country mouse in a forest. The country mouse was getting nuts. "Are you getting nuts for food?" asked the town mouse. "Yes," said the country mouse, "I am getting nuts for winter. The woods are full of nuts. It is a fine place to…

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Once Upon a time there was fell-mouse and townmouse, and they met on hill brae, where the fell-mouse sat in a hazel thicket and plucked nuts. "God help you, sister," said the town-mouse. Do I meet my kinsfolk here so far out in the country?" "Yes! So…
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