Textual Analysis

Every fable on this site has been transcribed into machine-readable text. This makes textual analysis possible. For a very simple example, using the site's advanced search you can easily find all versions of the fable that mention "stucco." 

I have taken the time to specially 'tag' certain words within the text of each fable that are of particular importance. This allows more sophisticated analysis. Simply counting the number of times the word "cheese" appears within each fable is not particularly illuminating, as a simple text search or frequency count cannot understand the context the word appears in. Cheese, for example, is an interesting food item  which is just about as likely to appear in descriptions of town food and descriptions of country food. Bacon on the other hand is almost exclusively described as a country food. 

Currently, the data the site is built on allows for analysis of town foods and country foods, the antagonists the mice face while visiting town, and the last words the town mouse says at the end of the fable. I have created pages discussing very rudimentary conclusions that can be drawn from this data (nothing terribly shocking, for weird stuff check out unusual variations).

It's my hope that by making the data for this site available on the datasets page, other people may make interesting discoveries.