This site was created in 2015 by William Dooling, a librarian at Creighton University. 

It currently searches 56 versions of the Town Mouse and the Country Mouse, and will hopefully expand to search many more. Many of these variations were found through Google Books, the Hathi Trust, the Aesopica site at Mythfolklore.net and Internet Archive.

This site was originally created for Dr. Simon Appleford's HIS/AMS 395 course (Introduction to Digital Humanities) and would not have been possible without his advice and assistance.

Many variants in this collection have never before been digitized, and were housed in Creighton's Carlson Fable Collection. One additionally was drawn from Creighton's Rare Book collection. This site owes a great debt to Fr. Carlson's meticulously footnoted collection and his advice about where to begin researching these variations. Digitizing the variants drawn from Creighton's collections was only possible with the help of David Crawford (University Archivist) and Katherine Pedigo (Student Assistant).

If you have suggestions on how to improve the site, or additional fable variations to recommend, please contact the site's administrator at Williamdooling@creighton.edu