Select Fables from Aesop and Others with Suitable Reflections

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Select Fables from Aesop and Others with Suitable Reflections


A contented country mouse once recieved a visit from an old acquaintance belonging to the court. The country mouse, glad to see her guest, very hospitably set before her the best cheese and bacon which her means afforded, and their drink was the purest water from the spring. The repast was homely indeed, but the welcome hearty they chatted away the evening together very agreeably, and then retired in peace, each to her little cell. The next morning, when the guest was taking her leave, she kindly pressed her country friend to accompany her, setting forth the great elegance and plenty in which they lived at court. The country mouse was easily prevailed upon, and they set out together. It was late when they arrived at the palace however, in one of the rooms they found the remains of sumptuous entertainment. There were creams, and jellies, and sweetmeats, of the most delicate kinds the cheese was Parmesan, and they wetted their whiskers in exquisite champagne. But, before they had finished their repast, they were alarmed with the barking of lapdog then the mewing of cat frightened them almost to death, soon afterwards a whole train of servants burst into the room, and every thing was swept away in an instant. "Ah my dear friend," said the country mouse, as soon as she had recovered courage enough again to speak, "if your fine living is thus interrupted with fears and dangers, let me return to my plain food and my peaceful cottage, for what is elegance without ease, or plenty with an aching heart?" Poverty with peace is preferable to affluence and splendour amid anxiety.


Author Unknown


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Borrows from Dodsley (22) so it resembles De Meziriac (40) which borrows from the same






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