The story of the Town Mouse and the Country Mouse is an Aesopic Fable (Perry Index 352) which is more than two thousand years old. In its simplest form, it's the story of two mice, one from the country (or field, or upland, or wherever) and one from a bustling town (or court, or Rome, or wherever). Tempted by the pleasures of town living, the country mouse follows the town mouse home and lives richly until some threat, usually a dog or a cat or a servant, reminds the country mouse that life in the country is simpler and less extravagant, but free from the terrors of city life.  

Throughout history, this story has been adapted, retold, remixed, and satirized countless times. Often, the story incorporates regional stereotypes of country and town life. However, just as often, elements of the story will stay consistent over huge gaps of time. This online resource is an attempt to capture and permanently store as many variations of the fable as possible, and to do so in a format that allows for easy comparison and analysis of each variation. 

Currently, I am focusing on primarily English language variants of the fable. This site is designed for easy browsing, but to get the most of out of it, I suggest you take a look at some of the links up top, most importantly "How to Use This Site."