Fireside Stories

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Dublin Core


Fireside Stories


the city mouse went to visit the country mouse. The city mouse wore a high collar, a sillk hat, patent leather shoes and a beautiful light suit. The country mouse was barefoot and had only a pair of trousers with one suspender. The country mouse was glad to see the city mouse. He brought in an ear of corn and an apple for dinner. Now the city mouse was used to having angel-food cake, ice cream, plum pudding, and many other nice things. So he ate very little. The country mouse asked why he did not eat. The city mouse said "excuse me, but if you will come and live in the city you will soon know. there you can get the very best food." The country mouse was much pleased, they went to the city that very day. The country mouse saw all the sights and then went home to dinner with the city mouse. The city mouse showed the country mouse a large mince pie. Just as they began to eat, a cat came springing at them. They both ran into a hole in a hurry. The country mouse couldn't get his breath for ten minutes. By and by they crept and looked about. But the cook threw a stick of wood at them, and took the pie away. The next thing they tried was a piece of cheese, but they saw just in time that it was a trap. The country mouse went home without anything to eat. he thought he would rather eat poor food than be frightened so much.


Annie Klingensmith


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Dorothy Dulin