Aesop's Fables

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Aesop's Fables


Once upon a time a country mouse who had a friend in town invited him to pay him a visit in the country. The Country mouse gave his old friend the best he had, peas and barley, cheese-parings and nuts. The town mouse, pikcing here a bit there, while the host sat nibbling a blade of barley-straw, at length exclaimed "how is it, my good friend, that you can endure the dullness of this life. You are living like a toad in a hole. Come with me and I'll show you life and the town." The country mouse assented; and they set out togetehr on their journey to town. it was midnight ere they reached the great house where the town mouse took up his quarters. On the table were the remains of a splendid banquet. The town mouse pressed dish upon dish and dainty upon dainty on the country mouse. In the midst of his enjoyment, the door flew open and a party of revelers burst into the room. The mice jumped from the table and hid themselves in the first corner they could reach. No sooner had they ventured to creep out again than the barking of dogs drove them back in still greater terror than before. At length, when things seemed quiet, the country mouse stole out from his hiding place and bidding his friend good-by, whistered in his ear "Oh my good sir, this fine mode of living may do for those who like it; but give me my barley bread in peace and security before the daintiest feast where fear and care are in waiting."


Edited by William Thomas Stead


Carlson Fables Collection


The Palmer Company




Illustrator Unknown