Misericordia Readers: Second Reader.

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Misericordia Readers: Second Reader.


A gray mouse once had a nice little home in the country. Her cousin lived in a big house in the city. One day the city mouse came to see her. "Good morning," she said "I have come a long way to see you. I was afraid I might not find you at home, so I came early." "I am very glad to see you" said the country mouse. "Sit down and rest while I get dinner." Here are beans and corn and some wheat. Do come and eat. "Poor thing!" thought the city mouse. "How little she has to eat! I should think she would starve but I must not let her see that I am sorry for her." Then she said out loud "you are very kind. I did not have any breakfast this morning. I am very hungry." And then she nibbled a few beans and ate some wheat. When they had finished, the city mouse said "Don't you get very lonesome out here in the country?" "no" said the country mouse. "I like it here." "But it is so quiet" said the city mouse "In the city there is so much to see and do." "It must be very wonderful there," said the country mouse, "please tell me about it." "my sisters and I live in a very large house," said the city mouse. "There are many rooms and we have such fine things to eat." "What kinds of things?" Asked the country mouse. "Oh, bread and pie and cheese and turkey and everything good that you can think of." Answered the city mouse. "I wish I could have some of them." Said the country mouse. "I have never eaten pie or cheese." "Come home with me," said the city mouse. "I will give you all the good things you can eat." I wish I might go," said the country mouse. "Go with me to-night," said the city mouse. "There is room for you where I live. After you have been there a few days you will never want to come back here." "All right," said the country mouse. "I will go." "We will start as soon as it is dark." said the city mouse. "Then no one can see us." So as soon as it was dark, the country mouse and her cousin started for the city. They ran and ran until the country mouse was tired. "Cousin" She said "Let us stop here and rest. I am so tired that I cannot run another step." "Oh come on!" said the city mouse "It is not much farther. Think of the good supper we shall have." "So they ran on again." "HEre is the house." Said the city mouse. "Now follow me and I will show you the hole where we get in. NOw we are in. Look! Isn't this a fine place." "Yes," said the country mouse "It is beautiful. NOw where are the good things to eat?" "They are in the pantry" said the city mouse "COme this way. Now can't you smell them? Come through this hole and you shall have all you want." Soon they were in a large room. "Is this big place the pantry?" asked the country mouse. "Yes Now jump up on this shelf. HEre is the turkey. Over there is a pie. Just try some of it. Isn't it good?" "Yes, indeed" she said. "O Cousin, I am so glad I came home with you! I want to stay here always"...


Sisters of Mercy


Carlson Fable Collection


Benziger Brothers




Illustrated by Frederick Richardson