Fables Every Child Should Know

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Fables Every Child Should Know


One day a city mouse went to visit friend that lived in the country. The country mouse was very glad to see his friend from the city. He served for dinner the best food that he had. That best was not much. It was only some roots and some dry peas and corn. "Why do you stay here in the country, my friend?" asked the city mouse. "Your home is only a hole in the ground. In the city where I live there are fine houses and dainty food. Go home with me and share these good things." "Thank you," said the country mouse; "I will." So they went to the city. It was late when they reached it, and they were tired and hungry. "Now we shall have supper," said the city mouse. He led the country mouse into the pantry of large house. On the shelves were bread, cake, meat, cheese, and oh! great many other good things to eat. "See all this good food!" cried the city mouse. "Isn't this better than country fare1?" "Indeed it is," said the country mouse. "We are much better oft' here than was in the country. How good that cheese looks! Why, at home I never see piece of cheese. Now for feast!" Just as the mice began to eat, the pantry door opened. In came the cook. The hungry mice ran away and hid till she went out. Then they crept back, to get their supper. But the cook had left the door open and the cat came in. Away ran the poor hungry mice to hide again. The cat's claws were almost on them before they got into hole. "Goodbye, my friend," said the country mouse. "I am going back home. This is fine house, and there are many good things here. But I could not enjoy them, for should always be in fear and danger. I like better to have plain food and to live in peace and safety."


Edna Turpin


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