The word-picture fable book : or Old Aesop in a new dress.

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The word-picture fable book : or Old Aesop in a new dress.


A COUNTRY mouse, who had a friend in a distant town, invited him to pay him a visit. The town mouse did so, and on his arrival received a hearty welcome. But he soon found that the fare was coarse and scanty; a nut or two, a few pease, a little rice, and now and then a small quantity of grain, with occasionally a crumb or two of mouldy bread. So he grew tired of his visit, and said to his friend, “How can you spend your life in this miserable barn, where the farmer and his wife don’t allow you proper food, nor enough of it? Come up to town with me, and see how I live." The two friends went, and at night the town mouse took the country mouse into a splendid larder, whose shelves were loaded with dainties. Here was a fine cheese, there a pan full of delicious milk; in fact, the country mouse was quite bewildered, and scarcely knew what to taste first. But, 10 and behold! the servant came in while the two friends were enjoying them- selves, and discovering them at work, she began to beat them with a broom; and call- ing a couple of cats, pursued them with so much vigour, that it was with great diffi- culty they made their escape. As soon as things were quiet again, the country mouse whispered to his friend, “Good-bye! I’m off! You are welcome to your fine dishes and anxiety; for my part, I'd rather have plain food and peace.”


Author Unknown


Hathi Trust


T. Nelson




Illustrator Unknown


Thematically grouped with "The Fox and The Grapes"