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Good Morning! I am glad to see you Good morning! I am glad I came Now Come and eat some of this nice grain Thank you. This is nice grain, but do you not have any pie or cake to eat? I do not know what pie and cake are. I never ate any. Come to visit…

My mothers maydes when they did sowe and spyn They sang sometyme a song of the feld mowse ; That fobicause her lyvelood was but thyn Would nedes goo seke her townyssh systers howse. She thought her self endured to much pain ; The stormy blastes her…

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A mouse living in the town one day met a mouse which lived in the field. "Where do you come from?" asked the latter when she saw the town mouse. "I come from yonder town," replied the first mouse. "How is life going there with you?" "Very well,…
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